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More shop items to sell #2


Mar 24, 2005

Like many, I am down sizing. A move to a much smaller house without a 52x26 two story barn means I can't hoard anymore. And like many, getting older means thinking about the future in a more pragmatic way. I'm going to do this in a little different way. Normally when I sell something I research prices, clean the item up to make it look it's best, test it to describe it to my best ability etc. I'm not going to do that with thread. I'll describe any condition issues I see. The pictures will tell the story as well. Ask questions. If you see something you want, send me a private message with your address. I will pack it and ship it. When you receive it, look it over and send me the shipping cost plus whatever you think it's worth to you. That's right, I'm letting the buyer set the price plus shipping. Checks are fine, I don't do paypal etc. Most of what I'm listing here is not high dollar stuff and I'll start another thread at some point with other items that will have an asking price. I'm putting this in the antique section because a lot of what I'm listing is pretty old and there will be more interest here. The risk to you? The price to ship it. The risk to me? Not much. I've never had an integrity issue with anyone in the antique forum, quite the opposite, and I've been here almost 19 years. Please, members with more than 25 posts only. Transactions are private between me and the buyer. No public comments from me on the subject.
I hope Greg doesn't object to this and is willing to give it a go.
This is only the first group, I have much more. Individual pics next post.

Link to first grouping.
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Here is what is left from the first go-round.
The 3 indexable boring bars are taken. Most of the lantern tool holders are available except for the tungsten carbide holders. That includes the boring bars, threaders, cut-off holders, etc. Go to first post for particulars.

IMG_1467 - Copy.jpg
Armstrong-Bray Wiregrip flat belt hooks/staples.
All 5 boxes are No. 3 hooks, 12 cards each, (one box only has 11).
"No. 3, for thin belts over medium sized pulleys"
They come with rawhide/cat gut hinge pins.
See boxes for more info.

IMG_1516 - Copy.jpgIMG_1517 - Copy.jpgIMG_1519 - Copy.jpgIMG_1518 - Copy.jpgIMG_1464 - Copy (2).jpg
Stark lathe collet with chuck back plate. Thread is .973" actual x 20 tpi.
Threads look better than close up pictures show.
Back plate is 3.345" OD.
3 mounting holes are 2.460" center to center.

IMG_1482 - Copy.jpgIMG_1481 - Copy.jpgIMG_1483 - Copy.jpgIMG_1484 - Copy.jpg
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Shop made shaper/planer internal tool holder.
Shank is about 1/2" thick and 1" tall, 4 3/4" long.
ID of hole is 5/8".

IMG_1512 - Copy.jpgIMG_1513 - Copy.jpg
IMG_1514 - Copy.jpgIMG_1515 - Copy.jpg
3 knurling tools.
#1 Williams TH-3-K-O Shank is about 3/8" x 7/8"
3 way tool. The largest wheels look like someone intentionally ground them down.
Would trying to knurl something really hard do that?
The medium wheels look good but are straight knurls.
The small are diamonds and look good.

IMG_1485 - Copy.jpgIMG_1486 - Copy.jpgIMG_1487 - Copy.jpg
My #2
Armstrong No. 3-K-2 Shank is about .600" x .810"
This shank has been cut down to fit in a QC tool post. It fits well in my CXA.
It has large straight wheels, diamond medium and small.
They all look good.

IMG_1492 - Copy.jpgIMG_1491 - Copy.jpgIMG_1489 - Copy.jpgIMG_1490 - Copy.jpgIMG_1488 - Copy.jpg
My #3
Armstrong No.1K
Single knurl tool. Shank is about 1/2" x 1.140"
Straight medium wheels, very dirty.
Has seen a lot of use.

IMG_1494 - Copy.jpgIMG_1493 - Copy.jpg
Dead centers and Morse taper adapters.
The adapters circled in red are mostly MT4s.
Except the 2 on the far left are #5s.
The yellow are mostly MT3s with a few #2s.
Let me know if you want a specific size and I'll look for the one in the best shape.
I think the longer dead centers are not Morse tapers.
Maybe B&S, Jarno? Any interest and I'll give you the measurements.
Forget the drifts on the bottom right.
I have more and I'll list them all at the same time.

IMG_1443 - Copy.jpegIMG_1451 - Copy.jpgIMG_1447 - Copy.jpg
This is a Hardinge TP body. It's missing the wedge and the center bolt.

IMG_1495 - Copy.jpgIMG_1496 - Copy.jpg

IMG_1498 - Copy.jpgIMG_1499 - Copy.jpg
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I'm going to call this a Hardinge style boring bar tool post because I'm not sure it's factory made. It's very nicely done. It may be made by the same gent who made the Hardinge style post I sold earlier, a Mr. Plummer. Block is 1 15/16" tall. Boring bar hole is 5/8" ID.

IMG_1500 - Copy.jpgIMG_1501 - Copy.jpgIMG_1502 - Copy.jpgIMG_1503 - Copy.jpgIMG_1504 - Copy.jpgIMG_1506 - Copy.jpgIMG_1505 - Copy.jpeg
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Okay I read the contact instructions
The first thread has details on the cranks in it. IIRC most are square. posts #66 & #92
Here are some wire dies. Lots look to have been resized. 1" OD.
I don't know anything else about them.

IMG_1543 - Copy.jpgIMG_1542 - Copy.jpg
NOTE: These are reversed. If you stamp something like the wire dies above, the letters/numbers will be backwards.
This box is all reversed letter/number stamps. I guess for molds?
These are very old and were stored in my barn. The loft was constantly raining down bits of hay and dust. They are rusty but will clean up nicely with a soft wire wheel. My soft wheel wires are about .005". You can hold your hand against it.
The pictures show "E B R". The E is before and after clean-up.
This set has a nice serif style. If there is any interest I will clean more and check for completeness.

I thought I was choosing 3 letters to show they would be backwards in use, but the E and B could be used either way. But you get the idea with the R.

IMG_1537 - Copy.jpgIMG_1539 - Copy.jpgIMG_1540 - Copy.jpg
Another turret tool.
Boyer Schultz, 3/4" shank.
One wheel insert is missing in the first pics but it's in the last pics.

IMG_1508 - Copy.jpgIMG_1509 - Copy.jpgIMG_1510 - Copy.jpgIMG_1511 - Copy.jpgIMG_1525 - Copy.jpgIMG_1526 - Copy.jpg
The three big ones at the top are #4s.
The two at the right are #2s.
The eight at the bottom are #3s, with an extension welded on to the bottom one.

IMG_1548 - Copy.jpg
Jacobs chucks, 1 Supreme.
Most of these probably won't be your #1 best chuck.
They all move through their entire range.
Some would benefit from a soaking for easier movement.
Arbors are MT, straight, a couple threaded, and a couple that look like they are out of electric drills. (epoxy those in a file handle and they make great pin vises).
The biggest chuck in pic is the Supreme 25T4 1/8-3/4 cap HD ball bearing #4 MT.
It's very sticky through the entire range.
I have keys for some but not all.

IMG_1468 - Copy.jpg
Chuck models: