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Nakamura Slant1 coolant pump upgrade


Mar 10, 2014
United States, CT
Hi gents, my old Nak slant 1 has been getting ran hard lately, and one thing that has consistently been an issue is drilling reliability. Lots of 304 stainless holes from 7/8" to 1.5" using indexable U drills. Seems like no matter how much I dial in the cutting speed/feed and pecking I have chip evac issues. After doing some digging I realized this factory coolant pump is only rated at 180 watts (about 1/4hp) 70 L/min (18 gallons) , and 3M head which is only like 4 psi. (LOL) How big do I go, 1/2HP? It has old coolant lines I would much prefer not to replace, but I will if needed. Even these cheapo Chinese 1/2 hp coolant pumps claim way higher pressure, like 15M head so 5x the pressure. Budget is a few hundred bucks tops. I can probably get away with 1/2hp without having to replace the contactor as well. Last thing: this machine has an external pump not a submersible pump, so I would have to fab a box to sit the pump in if it can't have a line plumbed into it. Maybe someone has something suitable kicking around.

Keep me posted on what u pick.
I just got a as200L and the standard coolant is a sad little thing, but the 300psi option it also has is a overkill 5hp unit and it pulls a lot of amps.
Nice for drilling holes dug not needed for 90% of my work and I have limited shop power.
Hi i did change a coolant pump on my old mori 30psi factory pump really sucked for drilling, i went to 80 psi pump. Check your breaker/fuse size and wire size as a new pump may need a larger breaker and wiring. Mine needed a larger breaker but wire size was fine. Just something to keep in mind if changing to large pump.