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October & November 2023 Scraping Classes

Richard King

Jul 12, 2005
Cottage Grove, MN 55016
I will be hosting 2 classes inside my home shop in Cottage Grove, Minnesota - October 9 - 13 and I have 1 opening. 3 have been sold. November 6 - 10 and i have room for 2 more. Also Nov. 13 - 17 for advanced students who have taken the basic class already. 2 spots open. Message me for more details
The 2 students attending the Nov Class want to take a 2 week class. I will be rebuilding a Bridgeport Mill in these 2 weeks. They work for Boeing and they said the scrapers who used to work at Boeing never taught the younger people. Typical of the old trades....
So if you want to learn how to scrape and how to rebuild a Bridgeport sign-up for the November 6 - 17 class, 2023. will be working on the 2024 class schedule soon.
Today was the first day of the 2 week class I'm teaching to 2 Boeing Portland plant. Today I started to teach them to power scrape, tomorrow ill teach them to handscrape and 1/2 moon flake. Then I bought a small surface grinder they want to rebuild/ scrape. I'll add more pictures .


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The students started to learn to handscrape yesterday afternoon and finished this morning. Today they started their personal projects; a parallel SE and an Angle Block.


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Interesting tan shop apron on your green shirt guy. I've always used the traditional denim one like your other guy, Phil, has. They have that swinging pocket so your mic doesn't fall out when you bend over. My teacher did point out not to put your scriber in there pointed up. If you bend over and hit something with it you'll stab yourself. One more of the myriad things to watch out for in a shop.
The Boeing boys were here this week too. They have been scraping my Taiwanese 6 x 14 surface grinder. I plan on making a new thread next week when the glass is done. Here's some mire pictures.


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Rich, I'm not challenging you on this, but simply commenting: Every piece of Rulon 142 I've ever seen (admittedly not a great number) has been a green-gray that looks to me like a sun-faded piece of Turcite B. The deep red Rulon I've seen has been Rulon AR. (again, not a great number of pieces).