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Old installation of an Acu-Rite DRO on a Gorton Mastermill 1-22

Mike Rock

Nov 16, 2009
My wonderful Mastermill is getting set up and really run for the first time since it came out of an eastern college tech center. It is low hours for sure!
It has an Acu-Rite III DRO that works fine. The problem is that the scale installed on the rear of the table covers the oil hole opening screw. The Bijur oiler is inaccessible, at least it appears so.
How in the world to I add oil?

God bless,
Mike Rock
I have the same mill, only currently it has trav-a-dials, planning on adding DRO, best idea I've come up with is mounting the scale so it can be slid away to access fill port for Bijur. If you come up with a better solution let me know.