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OT Big brother is definitely watching

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Aug 24, 2006
Our wire EDM was acting up, we determined a solenoid was not working to circulate the deionized water. Talked it over with the toolmaker running the machine (said the word solenoid several times) and had him call tech support on his personal cell phone. I got back in the office to my desktop and there is an ad for solenoids pops up on my screen. I don't have a microphone on my desktop PC and had not searched for anything like this, so I'm thinking how the hell did this happen? Then I remembered, I do have a microphone on my cell phone which I had in my pocket when discussing it with the toolmaker. It was not a coincidence.
I was working on my computer and I just new big brother was watching. I turned round and there he was. Steve said would you like anything for lunch?
It's Google, not necessarily "Big Brother"....but yes, your phones are always listening. That's how things like Siri and any other voice recognition program works. You download apps, or they're already on the phone, you don't read the actual terms of service, or take the step to remove/disable them and suddenly it's part of their ad revenue stream. It can also be based on IP addresses if you have wireless internet at home/work.
A few weeks ago, I was discussing guns with some fellow coffee drinkers and my cel (in my pocket) blurted out ( guns kill people). My question is, can this feature be turned off?
Everyone wanted instant communication. Cell phones and the net.
But not understanding it at all or how it could be "data mined" for your requests.
Have to ask, who do you think is the big brother watching here?
Other than annoying ads filling your inbox is it bad?
Not open for further replies.