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OT: replacement garden tank sprayer piston seal

Bill D

Apr 1, 2004
Modesto, CA USA
Off Topic: I have a Chapin stainless steel "Plus" model tank sprayer. I need a new piston seal cup. I can not find a model number and what they now call a plus sprayer is a battery operated pump. This is a simple air pump like a bicycle pump.
I can find lots of seals but only get part numbers with no dimensions and no idea if they fit. This only sees air not any chemicals so I do not think the material needs to be resistant to chemicals.
The factory website search function is useless. I see home depot no longer carries rebuild kits for any of this stuff. If they did I could measure it up.
Bill D
U cup seal dimensions can be found on Herculesus
Oring store
McMaster Carr
And many other seal providers web sites.

If you're talking standard cup seals, try searching "hand pump cup seal" it has more listings than I care to re post.

Good luck!