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Scrap or push on with leblond 21 heavy duty

I have a burly 20" Leblond Flat belt Gap Bed Lathe rusting in my garden. I took all the gears and moving parts off. I have all the banjo gears, the banjo, change gears, apron, etc. This old lathe would be happy if she could provide some life to another. I live in WA state.
Pm sent.
You might go the route of drawing the gears up in CAD and have them laser cut from plate since they are straight spur gears. Laser cut parts are pretty darn accurate and since the machine turns slow, it would probably work. Price always is the killer, but I just had a bunch of small parts cut and had 17 made due to the fact that the company had a minimum charge of $30. I only needed 1 made but now I have lots of spares... 8-)

I never thought of that. You're probably right, given the low rpms of this machine. I would need accurate drawings though. I need to contact LeBlond and find out if they have any helpful information or drawings for my machine.