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Time to Hang it Up

I think you could sell more than just the machines. Your business is worth something. You could talk to local shops and see if anyone wants to buy you out. For example, if you have 300k revenue per year, you could arrange for another shop in the area to take over your work and they could pay you out some negotiated amount like 150k over a year where you are kept on nominally as an advisor and to facilitate the transition for your customers. You are missing out on a big chunk of change if you don't do this IMO. The Okumas should be worth 60-100k each depending on the buyer and your luck.

There are also search funds that look for businesses like yours to buy and operate. You could try to find one that is interested and they would probably give you a slightly better price for the whole thing. Otherwise, it is quite normal for machine shops to disappear into the night.