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tool change on Fanuc robodrill


Mar 31, 2012
I have an older Fanuc T21 robodrill that our shop bought used. It's got the pallet changer option on it. We don't use the pallet changer at all because it was a pain. Instead, the same pallet stays inside the machine, and we just change out parts inside the machine at end of cycle. However, when I go to change tools, instead of an M6Txxx in MDI mode no matter where X and Y are, I have to make sure the pallet changer is in "RUN" mode, push a button to activate it, then move X and Y to a certain point. THEN I can do a tool change. We have wasted countless hours of production because some don't know the "exercise". What parameters do I change so that the machine ignores the pallet changer, and what parameters do I change so that I can do a tool change no matter where X and Y are?
I would argue that you waste countless more production hours not utilizing the pallet changer you purchased.

Send the tools to the correct tool change position at the end of every process and that should eliminate one step in your tool change process. It's probably G91G30X0Y0 or G30P2 or P3.

Robodrills are fast so shouldn't hurt cycle time especially if your positioning the table simultaneously with your tool change

There is some probability that a keep relay would completely disable the pallet changer. Maybe there is some documentation stuck in the cabinet somewhere
This might work for you.