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Two DV/DSM 59 questions


Apr 3, 2010
Seattle, Wa USA
I recently acquired a well used but usable DV-59.
It can with a decent amount of (also well used) tooling, but much of it was disassembled and I am trying to get all the parts together so I can get it running.
I have 2 questions (so far):
1. I am combining two parts collet closers to make one useable one, and I cannot find the tiny key that locks the position of the bearing assembly on the drawtube.Before I make one, is there a reason why this might have been removed? For instance, is it easier to adjust without it or something?

2. The lathe came with this bed mounted vertical cut-off slide (or at least that is what I think it is), but it is missing the piece(s) that would hold the actual cut-off tool. None of the places I have looked even show a picture of this type of thing, they only have the nose mounted version. I can probably figure something out, but if anyone has one of these and could take some quick pictures/measurements of what it's supposed to be I would appreciate it!

I've never seen the bed-mounted vertical cutoff slide before. I seem to recall there are a couple of variants on the nose-mounted version, and I find adjusting mine to center on the part to be an incredible pain in the ass. Blade locking cams, and long opposed setscrews bearing on pins that want to get lost to adjust bladeholder angle.
I’ve had a few of those cut-off attachments and neither one of them had the blade holder! The one I have left I’ve put on eBay a few times with a holder from a chucker, which would require some modification, but no one has bitten yet.

I suspect that key was simply lost. I can’t think of a good reason to not have it there. Looking at yours reminds me that I should probably oil mine…
The key needs to be there. Keys can be removed or fall out, but they do a job, so make one.

I have seen that bed-mounted vertical cutoff slide on eBay, but never owned one. They are rare and not valuable. The spindle nose cutoff works fine is is common, so it is probably a newer and better design. The pivot adjustment to center the blade only needs to be made once, when you first put the attachment on the lathe. Then the blade extension is the only adjustment needed (two cam screws) after a regrind or new blade. These blades are only ground on the end face, never the side or top. There is only one size blade that fits the spindle nose attachment.

Thanks folks, I'll make a key and keep hunting for the blade holder.
Worst case I could turn the casting into a steady rest I'll never use.
I found the tool holder block in a box of tooling. I must have looked at it 5 times before it dawned on me what it was. It has no eccentric screws or adjustments, it just bolts in place.