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  • Hi Peter,
    We bought a Cincinnati 10x24 universal grinder s/n 4U2B5C-40 from an auction at GE Lynn, MA. The machine did not come with any manuals but the input was labeled so I connected power to to the machine this weekend. We are ready to start making some sparks. I saw from an earlier post that you may have a manual for Cincinnati Universals. Is this something you would be willing to share with us?

    It says you are on line. I have a new to me "Lathe and Morse " lathe. I see you have answered others questions. do you know anything about "Lathe and Morse"? I'm cleaning it up m=now and want to reassemble it for use. It has a broken bolt in the head stock I'm trying to work on - not much luck so far! I think I will need to recast or machine another part. I've written to "Joe inNH", bur he has not replied in more than a week.
    Thanks for your time, Larry
    peter,hi,my name is Jim McGuinness,i've been a long time member/lurker on the board and although I realize this is a long shot,would you still have the old bridgeport mechanical gearbox power feed that you advertized sometime ago? I am in need of only some parts from it but depending on what you would want for it and if you were willing to box it up I probably would be very grateful to take it off your hands.My regular email is: [email protected] Thanks much for your time, Jim
    Peter, from this post I read that you have a large amount of gears. I am looking for 2 gears in particular. Both are 14.5 PA and 14DP. I need a 20 tooth and a 46 tooth gear. They must be at least .750 in thickness. If they are thicker the better. As far as bore and keyway that doesn't matter much as I can make it work whatever it is. There are people who will make them for me but if I can find old ones in good shape so much the better (and cheaper). Let me know what you have. If in fact you have a bunch of 14 DP gears and want to sell them as a set let me know also.
    I dont know what this is about. I dont remember the conversation or the machine. Could you send me an email and explain from scratch? You will need to register and put you email in the secret database. Then we can talk.

    Peter, did you receive my PM? Anyhow, the other guy will not need the cone pulleys for the table drive since his machine is not set up for one. Are they still available?

    Peter, I need the flange at the front of the overarm, the two small cone pulleys at the rear of the machine, table stops and vertical stops if they are there.
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