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  • Hi Bill,
    I sent you a PM, but don't know if you will get it. I have long been a fan of your miniature work, you being one of the reasons I got into minis.

    I have one of your TII Mod 4500, that you assembled for Nancy Clark for one of your classes some 10-11 years ago. She used it for a few small projects and put it away for the next 10 years.

    Anyhow, first question is when you first assembled it did you lap the carriage to the lathe? and second, can you tell me what the indexing thing attached to the mill tower is?

    Much appreciated! and thanks for all your small things!

    Gary Graves
    Hi there, I know you are a Rivett fan, and you have already probably seen this but thought I would share it with you anyway just to be sure.

    Rivett Model 505 Precision Lathe with Collets | eBay
    A friend of yours told me to tell you about my 1885 Sweet's Micrometer in the antique section...thought you would be interested.
    Hi Rivett,
    Must compliment you on your collection, let me also say what a treat it is to see someone so enthusiastic, love your display housing and know that everything behind it has taken years to accumulate. So encouraging and just downright enjoyable to see that there are other folk out and about who love collecting "stuff" (a term my wife and I use, in no way representative of the the value of our toys but a great less wordy description of our varied collectables). Thanks for sharing that pic, I would dearly love to see the machines in your workshop! Thanks Brent, South Africa
    Bill (or William?),
    I'm thinking of bidding on it and wonder where you would target a bid? As you k now, these are sealed bids you get one shot to get it right. I'm thinking the value will be North of $4k but not over $5k, may I ask your private thoughts?

    As I recall you sold a very loaded 608 and my recollection is it went for $#-3,5K is that correct?


    David 206 214 7997
    [email protected]
    Hello I live in England,and have just bought a american watch and tool company lathe.Are these lathes mine is 3 1/2 centre height or 7"swing your sort of thing.Or could you suggest a name that I might contact.
    Best wishes John Fothergill

    Your thread on on research papers seems to have suffered the usual online fates of thread drift and such. It seemed to me that it is an important question, so I wanted to make certain that my suggestion of a research library received your attention. I'm probably not telling you anything you don't already know, so it's more of a reminder.

    Research oriented museums, like the Smithsonian, maintain libraries, but so do colleges and universities. Most of them have a 'rare book room' to preserve older documents and a system for making these materials available to researchers. You probably have an idea of which institutions have research materials that you've used, it might be worth inquiring if any of them are interested in your papers.
    Hi there Rivett.. I have one of you so am very interested. It is going like a dream and I have made quite a few new accessories for it. Biggest problem has been finding sleeves for the tailstock taper which Old Man Rivett used. Otherwise it is in use more or less every day. We have a few Rivetts in the UK but I have lost touch with them. Anyway just thought you would like tp know that at least one is alive and well... (Still in spec too!)
    Rivett 608,
    While doing a web search on Ballou Lathes, made here in Hartford CT, and later the same designs were said to have been made by Waterhouse Electric & mfg Co., I came across an old post of yours indicating that you had a Ballou lathe. If that is correct, and if you still have the lathe, (Or pictures of it), would you be so kind as to email me photos? You can email me directly at [email protected].

    Thanks, Mark K.
    Hello Rivett:

    I am always amazed by your minature work & by threads you have posted.

    I read about your selling excess machinist tools. I may be premature in writing, but would like to buy:

    (2) 132 levels in 18" or 24" length. 1 of these levels will go to my apprentice & 1 into my tools used on erecting jobs.

    - Starrett dividers (or similar) of the "fay" (Starrett number 77) pattern & some smaller sized spring dividers.

    -Starrett or B & S bench block.

    -plain tap wrenches of varying smaller sizes, going from about #4 taps up to 5/8" taps Greenfield, or any other good maker is fine, condition need not be real good- just serviceable and solid for use.

    All of these are for my apprentice's chest. If you have any of these tools to sell & be willing to sell directly without an auction, I'd appreciate hearing from you.
    Thanks & best regards-
    Joe Michaels

    I can be emailed directly at: [email protected]
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