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  • Tom,

    I hope I don't PO you with a message.

    My Silver braze is electrical grade, I do NOT believe any Cd, as Cd is 15% conductive, Ag 106%. That would make a huge resistance in a connector carrying thousands of Amps.

    Listing it for sale would probably run for months. 50+ pounds, Adv. I'll probably try that, as it will easily get 20+ per ounce, and reclaim less than 15, as of today's Spot.

    Know where I can get a testing solution that will show 45% Au? I tried to have Schwerter's Solution made at a Compounding pharmacy, and 1 ounce, or a pint even, I guess, would be 96 bucks for the Nitric Acid, due to HazMat fee.

    Ah, well, thanks for the remarks.

    I saw your thread on PRACTICAL MACHINIST and would also like a copy of your brazing book as discussed on the forum. Please send to the following address;
    Charles Bax
    c/o general delivery
    Reno,NV. 89501
    If you have any of the wrench sets left I would very much like one.

    I know I am a new poster so if that is an issue I understand. If this is the wrong way to contact you please let me know.

    My info:

    Jim Sutter
    120 Merle Blvd.
    Munroe Falls, Ohio 44262
    You are welcome. We sell Bondhus, Wiha and other tools of similar quality at Whiteside Router Bits, Industrial Drill Bits, Saw Blades, Router Bit Sets, Tense Watches, Tenyru, SystiMatic

    tom tks verymuch for the wrench set. the name is new to me but what do i know? the set will get the trial run in a day or two. where would one find the rest of the tools this company offers? tks again
    if you still have i would appreciate a set of those wrenchs tks Glen Kull 2821 Oaklea Dr. South Daytona Fla 32119
    Tom, What was I thinking. Well thanks for getting back to me. My address is
    Bill Wojenski
    17 Illinoise Ave
    Burlington, NJ 08016

    Thanks again, Bill
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