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Floppy disk issues on bridgeport


Jun 12, 2022
I have a bridgeport cnc conversion and I've had my fill with these floppy disks. I keep having issues with the disks, writer, and now it seems that I have some problem with the reader on the machine. I bought one of those floppy emulators so I can plug a flash drive in but it doesn't seem to be just a plug and play type of thing.
I don't know much about windows 95 as I was still in diapers at the time.. How do I get the cnc controller to recognise the new drive. I don't understand how a guy installs the drivers or whatnot. I've already upgraded from this machine but I want it to be more user friendly to it's next owner and I already have the emulator.
In the middle of a job, I can no longer load new files to be ran off the floppy disk.
Or I also bought a rs232 adapter to USB that maybe could allow my laptop to piggyback the control. Idk any help is appreciated


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I bought a goteksystems
Just some cheapy off amazon, came with a little cd with drivers but the mill doesn't have a cd rom
A gotek doesn't need drivers for the floppy-attached machine. It will only see a 1.44 mb disk.

The drivers are to allow windows to access more than the first 'partition' on the USB key you make in the emulator. Partition #2 through #99.

You must first format the usb key in the emulator.
( there is a button combination when you apply power )
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Thank you SeikiCorp! Got everything switched out and formatted. Mill is back up and running! This forum is awesome! 🤘