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Mitutoyo Bright A-707 Bridge removal ??


Jun 18, 2008
Shawnee Oklahoma
I'm purchasing a Mitutoyo Bright CMM and the lab it's located in the door is too short to remove it. Anyone have experience removing the bridge on
a CMM? I am pretty mechanical and think I can do it. I can not find anything online that details the process. any help would be appreciated
Usually a CMM is built with a piece of granite acting as the Y axis 'rails'. That granite is usually sitting on a stand. Can you remove it from the stand to give yourself a few more feet instead of taking the bridge apart?
I ended up just removing the Z-Axis drive/ ball screw and the column. I used the factory braces to keep it fixed while moving.
I was unaware that the granite just sits on top of the stand when I put it inside the truck. I found out that it will slide quite easily when
the brakes are applied. I strapped the granite to the stand and strapped the stand to the truck. It looked sketchy but worked quite well
to get home 200+ miles.