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Need to change out the ball screws on my 2003 FADAL 4020?


Hot Rolled
Sep 14, 2022
I was hoping to have the the guy we used to use for machine maintenance do the ball screws and tighten everything up before I moved the machine, but that didn't work out. He had retired at that time and all though said he would come help get it done, it never happened. I moved the machine, and just got it back up and running as is to try and recover the moving cost of the machine. Well machine has been here for over a year now. And I need to get it holding better tolerances and finish.

So I have X, Y and Z complete assemblies in boxes waiting to go in. I ran out of backlash compensation on the Z axis, and was getting close to maxing it out on the X and Y. Currently the X axis is getting louder, and I am getting some issues with surface finish especially on the Z in the bottom of pockets.

I was wondering if there would be any real disadvantage to getting the Z swapped out, and then a few weeks later (could be months lol) do the X and Y, just to keep the machine up and running with at a minimal amount of down time in between, or just bite the bullet and do it all in one go, so I can tram everything in and get a hopefully better running machine up and going sooner?

I am busy with a lot of projects still trying to get my shop running better, so adding a machine tear down isn't high on my list but it's becoming a necessity. And yes I know some people will say buy a real machine, and one day I will, but not this year that's for sure.I just need to be making better parts now, so I can by one in the future.