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Tailstock alarm


Dec 14, 2007
i’m training myself how to use this sl20 and I’m doing a simple practice drilling operation with the conversational. Simple 1/4” hole. When I hit cycle start it comes up with a tailstock restrictions zones alarm. I have no clue what’s going on.

I’m stuck


10:40, though you should watch the entire video. The machine is stopping you from clanking into the tail stock. Either the tail stock isn't fully retracted and is in the way, or your program is trying to Zig X before it should Zag in Z. Or someone put some wrong numbers in the stay out zone.

Translated: you should have a G53 safe move somewhere in there to move the Z to a safe position in the middle of the travel, beyond the tail stock before it tries to spin the turret and dive down to turning diameter. If you manually jog the machine to mid-span it will probably execute without an issue. The program is still dangerous because you don't want to leave the initial position up to chance.