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Brass body vice


Nov 15, 2023
Anybody know anything about this vice? It’s all brass on the moving portion cast iron on the anchoring part.


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Hi Thanklessmarlin:
Are you sure it's brass and not bronze?
Like maybe manganese bronze?
If so, it's worth a good bit just in scrap value, but it may be worth more if you can restore it...it looks pretty beat up.
Even if you never use it, it would make a good conversation piece in your shop.

If I was guessing, I'd concur with Conrad Hoffman...some kind of weird non-sparking work requirement although I'm more familiar with beryllium copper in that application.
On the other hand, it could be somebody's home shop fix...a broken moving vise jaw stuck back together with Bondo, and used as a pattern for a sand casting in brass or bronze.


BeCu and aluminum bronze are used to make expensive and high quality tools for use where sparks can be dangerous or where there are strong magnetic fields. Both materials are generally as strong as hardened steel. I first saw them when I toured my school's cyclotron around 1959 and admired the pretty yellow tools hanging on the wall. For both of the applications, it is obviously essential that there are no iron or steel components, so a vise made with even one iron or steel part would not be safe around magnetic fields or explosive atmospheres.

Almost definitely Bronze, .......... I know the shinkage is different, but I've worked on identical parts except 1 was CI the other bronze, both coming from the same pattern.
Ive got a lot of Ampco BeCu tools and stuff that was used on the LarcVs ........someone stole one of the hammers once,so I hope they did grind it ......mostly pretty useless ,the hammers mushroom very quickly ,and the wrenches arent much good either.