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Lehmann Lathe For Sale


Jan 14, 2013
Canyon Country, CA
This Lehmann Lathe will be sold on GSAauctions.gov
Sale ends 8/18/2023.
If you have room for a monster, this would be a good one to have.
Auction closes 8/18/2023

Sale Number 4-1-QSC-I-23-281-006

Website: GSAauctions.gov

Lehmann Hollow Spindle Raised Oil Field Lathe

Serial #5736

Year Delivered 1953

48” Front 4 Jaw Chuck

26” Rear 4 Jay Chuck

12” Thru Spindle Diameter

Spindle Speeds, 1.5 to 193

Threading: CNC

Taper Attachment: No, but CNC in both axis

Current mounted Alu. face plate: 62” in diameter

Swing over bed: ~74”

25” Head stock factory raised and mounted on a “C” size (32” -36”) bed

Cuck face to end of ways distance is 168”

Center to center distance between chuck face and tailstock is ~135”

Tailstock length at its base is 33”

KDK holder #30205

19” Lehmann steady rest inside diameter.

32” custom fabricated steady rest inside diameter

5” Dia. X ~72” long custom fabricated boring bar

Lehmann built-in live and dead center tailstock

CNC controls by FANUC

Ball lead screws retrofitted in both X & Y axis

~20 Plus horsepower

Electrics: 460v 3 phase

Bijur Automatic Oiler


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Lathe sold for just over $3K. Someone got a lathe that had very little hours on it. Clean up required due to outside storage, hope it works out well for new owners.
I doubt they are buying it for themselves. More than likely being bought and sold to one of their world-wide customers. Thanks for the information.
Lathe sold for just over $3K. Someone got a lathe that had very little hours on it. Clean up required due to outside storage, hope it works out well for new owners.
Hi W,

we just got the machine from sierra equipment.
Do you happen do have any mechanical manuals/other documentation you can send on it?
they only had generic fanuc manuals on it and ladder/plc backups, currently repairing all the cut wires from when it was removed.

Any idea how to pull off the back chuck? It is on there pretty solid.
We were trying to remove the back chuck to check the belt condition, and replace if needed.

The rear chuck is bolted on to a back plate adapter. The back plate is bolted directly to the spindle if my memory serves me correct. The chuck could be bolted directly to the spindle like the front chuck is.
Thanks Ken,

yeah we had pulled the face bolts and were hammering but it was not budging with reasonable force.
just wanted to make sure no threads or something that might be holding, like L0 spindles, before using too much force.

Thank you for the info ken,
got it off with some more hammering.
actually wasn't that crusty between the faces, but must've been enough to seize it up.

what oil do you run in the headstock? I was thinking maybe light hydraulic like DTE 24?
finally got all our cables connected back. waiting on replacement fiberoptic line for the PLC.
I was not sure which is the fill point for the oil.

Dimple with blue arrow was my thought, but maybe red arrow pressure releif should be where hydraulic goes.
the blue arrow plug is very crusty looks like it hasnt been open since the white paint job so i was rethinking my assumption.

is the headstock only hydraulic oil, or should I be filling part with a gear oil for the transmission? and part with a hydraulic?

looks like riggers completely drained all the oil before moving though.

thank you,


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The blue arrow is for bleeding the air out of the piston for the brake. That is your spindle brake. Been too many years since the last time I was around one of these. I'm guessing where your red arrow is is where you fill it with oil. USE ONLY ISO 46 oil in the headstock, no gear oil! On the back side of the lathe on the bottom of the headstock should be some kind of sight glass or something there to indicate the oil level in the sump. You mentioned DTE 24 above, still good to use.

Where your red arrow is, that is your oil filler/breather cap for the headstock. I have to go back through the pictures, I don't remember which QCGB is on that lathe. The normal 25" lathe is enclosed and will require to be filled with the same oil to the oil level indicators on the gear box. If its the open QCGB as on the 32" and larger lathe, it's the old "loss oil" fed gear box. Likewise on the carriage, too.
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