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Selling Deckel FP1 parts


May 24, 2006
Oakland, CA
Hello All,

I have been sitting on this small cache of Deckel parts since I purchased them ten years ago at an auction in Belmont, CA. The machine shop owner, Louis Lang, had a ton of really beautiful European tools and I bought my Weisser RO 75 turret lathe from him. He had two FP1's and this lot of replacement parts with which I believe he planed to restore the machines. I have my own FP1 so I was happy that others bought the mills, but I purchased these parts. It turns out that my machine is from the 1950's so the Imperial lead screw did not fit, and my spindle is good, so there is no need to keep holding on to these items. The gib came in Deckel-marked packaging so I know that is new old stock, and the two leadscrews certainly look like original parts with their own soft plastic sleeves, but I cannot know for certain. The spindles feel super silky smooth, but I don't know if they were rebuilt or what their story is.

The items are located in Oakland, CA. I know that figuring out exactly what their condition and dimensions are is very important; so if anyone is interested, I'm happy to make the critical measurements and take better photos which we can share via DM's. I am just seeing if anyone is interested within this community. If there are no takers, I'll list them on eBay.

Here are the items:

Two apparently unused matched leadscrews with nuts. One is metric and the other is imperial. Each nut and screw has matching numbers engraved on them so my understanding is that they were lapped together. I believe that they are for post-1962 FP1's but that would have to be confirmed. (Price $1,000 each.)

One x-axis gib in original Deckel packaging. I believe it is for an FP1. (Price $300.)

One horizontal MK4 spindle with plain bearing. (Price $250.)

Two FP1 spindles. The rotation feels super tight and smooth. The internal tapers have no scoring or obvious damage. One is MK4, without drawbar and has fine scratches on the quill exterior. (Price $750.) The other is SK40, with the drawbar, and has a high surface finish on the quill. (Price $950.)

Please DM me if you have any interest. screws.jpginch nut.jpggib.jpgmk4 spindle.jpg40taper.jpgThank you for looking.
Sorry, I meant to post this on the for sale section but obviously did something wrong. I apologize.