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Serial Number Card Question -Heavy 10

red mill

Jan 31, 2007
Does anyone have an idea what TKE100L-Spec stands for?This is on my serial number card for my Heavy 10.Also what is the purpose for the compound base being graduated 360 degrees?This is a 1967 with 41/2 bed,hard ways,LOO spindle,taper,& also came w/metric gears.It came off of a military truck,and is in like new condition.I have all accessories that came with it from factory(except maybe what ever TKE100L-Spec is).I also got with it the Versa-Mil that was on the truck to use with lathe.Thanks in advance for any help.I will try to post a picture soon.
The 360 degrees of graduations were for the Versamill.
Off hand, I don't know what TKE100L-SPEC is(maybe the Versamill). I will have to research that.