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Wanted ! ! !

Wanted: Slotting head a Deckel FP-1

I have a FP-1 universal table I'm willing to trade for it (plus some cash if necessary). Or just plain old buy it, too.

I am also looking for a vertical head body (w/o spindle and drive gears).
Wanted: millplus v4.00 recovery disks.
Hi all,I have a dmu50v with pg1220.
I would like to try to update my software.
Thanks a lot.
Wanted: new or good used Hawe hydraulic valve as used for tool change on fp2nc. The orange book says G3 or G24, and gives this part number: 6096 04 009321 00
but I am not sure it is a Hawe number, I got no hits googling it.
Deckel FP3 and FP3 NC chip pans wanted, like this one pictured on Sean's FP3!

I need one of each......I have two complete Deckel FP3 NC enclosures to trade if interested?

I’m still looking any help would be appreciated.
PS: FYI, "Peter from Holland" is Peter Veltmann. He is a dutch machine-tool dealer who ships worldwide. Peter is one of the long-time members here, and is an expert on the care and feeding of Deckel mills. Many people here (including me) have done business with Peter and have had very positive experiences. So if Peter has a mill that you like, and you can afford it, I think you'll be happy.
Peter is definitely an option. If I don’t find one in the states. I have messaged back and forth with Peter and sent him business. Seems like a great guy. He will be an option.
Thanks guys.
The best advise on these machines is right here on this forum. I owned an FP1 for a few years and found it too small. You constantly run into headroom problems. If I had to do it over I would get an FP3 but my FP2 has done everything I’ve needed with ease. My 2 cents for what it’s worth.

Agree with Degall. I have to thank Sneebot and the late Jim Kizale for steering me into an FP2 25 years ago. Two shops later the FP2 is still with me.
I was hesitant to join this discussion but here I am:
It really depends on what you're doing. The spec advantages of the 2/3 over the 1 are countless, but if no big importance if you're, let's say, a pen maker. Yes, the fp2 is no Huron, not too much bigger than the fp1, yet the table is much more heavy in feel that makes the fp1 preferable for small work. Had both...

There are some lucky guys here with both an fp1 and an fp3 ...

Guess it depends on your perspective......
There is this thing about "feel"
Think largely its a mechanical myth.....or at best overrated by those with little machine time.
Lots of very fine parts ,small or other, are made daily via CNC with absolutely no feel involved, and yet the parts come out perfect...
Its a matter of getting,IMHO to the real science of machine work....
The Cutter is governed by physics...RPM, SFPM and feed rate....I work using the dials and calculated speeds and feeds for a given job..use my hearing to let me know how the cut is being executed, that and the look of the chips etc...not too much "feel " there.

Would easily trade any FP1 for a good FP2 for any class of work...It is just a better machine (apologies to the FP1 guys). and to quote an old saying: you can make small parts on a big machine (its relative) but its hard to make big parts on a small machine...

Not trying to start an argument here, but i really don't get the preoccupation with smaller...If you hve the room, go bigger...(to a point)
Cheers Ross