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Deckel FP3 NC users- who can help??


Oct 19, 2022
Hi there,

I currently got a software issue with my Deckel FP3 NC mill. In detail, there was the error message "Fixgra Checksum" showing on my Grundig Dialog 11 control. This specific problem already got discussed in an older thread and after some days of troubleshooting I am very sure that the problem results from an EPROM that has lost its files.

Short story:
I am urgently searching for someone that owns a FP3 NC (no FP3 A/ FP3 AT) and has stored its EPROM files.

Long story:
That error message results from the NGE01 module in the Dialog 11 control. Generally, the NGE provides graphic functions to the machine and therefore consists of two circuit boards, that are stacked over each other. The top one is mainly for data storage and also contains the EPROMs. The lower one generates the AV video signal and also has got the RAM on it. "Fixgra" is a Grundig internal description that refers to the graphics card. "Checksum" is probably the EPROM checksum of those EPROMs that are needed for graphical service.
I already got lots of help from two other forum users and in fact they were specifying the affected EPROMs as IC11 (O) and IC12 (N) on the board. I replaced all EPROMs with those of a Deckel FP3 AT, that runs with older software (version 4.xxx). And indeed, the control started working again.
Now the problem is, that there are two EPROMs on the NGE module, that are machine specific. Because I currently have the EPROMs from a FP3 AT installed, my machine is kind of confused and I cant get it running fine. I need EPROM software that is written for the NC type. The control however also works with modules of different software versions, as long as every EPROM in one module has the same version.

So I would be really thankful if there is someone with a FP3 NC that could help me with those EPROM files. I am currently running software version 7.021, so ideally I would programm the NGE with version 7 EPROMs. There is not much difference between version 7 EPROMs, so 7.05 oder 7.07 would probably also be fine.
One of the two guys I mentioned before, has also provided the 7.07 data some days ago, but unfortunately it is also coming from a FP3 AT. Anyways thanks again for the help, really appreciate it!

Hopefully there is someone out there willing to send me those files. Maybe I could help out with other files or documents as a counter.
Thank you very much and please excuse my english,


PS: Of course I know about those companies that are selling the EPROMs commercially. But those prices must be a joke. It is in no proportion to the time and effort they spend, copying the files on new EPROMs. As a student I have no other choice but to fix issues myself anyways. Hopefully more Deckel users are contributing to the community instead of only single persons providing information. That will reduce prices for the information automatically and anyone can benefit.
Hi there , have you been in contact with Deckel ? This was on the forum in 2006 , by Milacron and titled ,

German- "fixgra checksum" ?​

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On Dialog 11 control, the result of "Selbsttest Laeuft" is "NGE fatal error: Fixgra checksum"

NGE is one of the Grundig modules.

I'm hoping this is the result of missing parameters but can't tell from the German...Martin ?
Hi there , have you been in contact with Deckel ? This was on the forum in 2006
As I said, "This specific problem already got discussed in an older thread". Deckel is no more existent (you probably mean DMG) and I already spoke to lots of the Deckel repair services that were forming out of the Ex- Deckel- employees. Of course you can buy the EPROMs until today. But prices are very tough and in my opinion cant be justified.

However the solution to the problem is absolutely clear and stated above. I am just trying to find the EPROM files I mentioned ...
Since there are thousands of Deckel FP3 mills still running, this actually should be definitely possible.

I just received a Dialog 11 control from Deckel FP3 NC for repair.
On the NGE module are eeproms IC11 (N) and IC12 (O) version 4.274/B
The content of the eeprom is attached


  • IC N D27C512.hex.txt
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  • IC O D27C512.hex.txt
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