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Elliot Cardiff 17 inch swing lathe

May 10, 2021
Hi there,

I recently bought this Cardiff 17 inch swing lathe, there should be some pictures below

Does anybody out there have a similar lathe? info is quite scarce, vintage machinery.org and Lathes.co.uk do have some info that led to me believe it is close to a "senior" model but, there are a few differences between their examples and my machine.

I am looking for any sort of workshop technical manuals that might be out there, also I need to reproduce the speed and feeds chart on the lathe as a previous owner had removed it for some reason.

The only problem with the lathe is that centre bearing is tight, and continues to get tighter the longer you run it,

Thanks in advance to anybody selflessly taking some time out of there day to reply, much appreciated

Many thanks and kind regards
Americanised version of Cardiff Senior 8.5" centre height lathe with right hand operated longitudinal saddle feed and capacity given as swing. Odds are that the only important mechanical difference is the internal layout of the apron.

Look under Cardiff on store.lathes.co.uk for manual and data pack. Expensive but Tony does a good quality photocopy.

Here is the 8.5" centre height lathe that Clive mentioned. The catalogue is likely 1960.

Cardiff 04.jpg
Elliott of London 6-60 catalogue covers.jpg

This catalogue doesn't have a date, but it may be earlier than the one above. These lathes were available with or without a gap bed, perhaps the handwheel location illustrated is to suit a gap bed?

Elliott Gen Cat cover.jpg Elliott Gen Cat pg 19.jpg
Hi Cranium,

They have purchasable content for the Omnispeed, tool and turn but, not my model.

I have however now emailed Tony as a result of your message so thanks.
The “ Omnispeed “ had a different headstock design than the “ Cardiff “ lathe. I have a handbook for the “ Omnispeed “. It’d be ok for the “ Omnispeed but not your lathe.

Regards Tyrone