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New (to me) SB 9" Lathe


Jul 1, 2016
I just picked up a 444z - seems to be in pretty good shape. It dates back to around 1944, if I did the math correctly. I haven't run it yet - it was in pieces when I bought it (the price I paid reflected that!)

- taper attachment (a big bonus!)
- power cross feed (missing on my current lathe)
- follow rest (rarely use it)
- import AXA tool post (meh)

- It's missing the steady rest, which seems to be an expensive piece to replace if eBay prices are correct!
- The bracket for the gear cover is broken. It looks like I could braze it back together or just machine a new one out of steel.
- lots of backlash in the cross feed screw
- leather belt is not attached

My current lathe is an imported 9x20, so I'm hoping to clean this up and sell the import. I've also had a Logan 11" and Atlas 12" in the past, so I'm familiar with lathes. But not particularly with SB 9 lathes, flat leather belts, etc.

Let me know of any thoughts.

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