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Nov 24, 2014

I feel us Hardinge CNC people should not be lumped together with Bridgeport and all the manual machine users on this Forum.

Rather there should be a Hardinge CNC Forum for their machines from the 1990's and up.

Conquest 42 & T42, Conquest ST, Conquest GT, Quest series,
CHNC-1,2,3, Cobra etc.

If you are a Mori or Okuma or even Hass person on here. You don't have to deal with all this manual machine talk in your forum.

I have sent a request to Practical Machinist. Please, if you feel the same as me. Send an email to them as well. Go to CONTACT US. And send a general request.

I hear you and tend to agree. I'm just the Maytag repair person here. Changes have to come from Don and his group. I'll put in a word.....
Seems like Hardinge CNC questions and comments do well in the general CNC section. A few CNC questions get asked here and sometimes get answers and sometimes the OP goes to the CNC section and finds answers. Not sure if a specific Hardinge CNC section is needed, seems there are less of them than other brands. Are there other brand specific CNC sections that I have not noticed?